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Innovative Precision Engineering or IPE, was named so to promote the three key area's that the IPE team is to excel in. We are to be innovative in our designing, precise in our manufacturing and to forefront the engineering industry.


Service Through great service we will create an enjoyable experience for our clients
Price Provide fair, competitive and structured quoting
Timeframe Set and achieve reliable but aggressive timeframes
Design Innovative, Reliable, Flexible and effective designs
Improve Continue to improve IPE in all aspects of the business (service, price, timeframe, etc.)
Quality Provide the highest level of quality to meet our clients satisfaction
Growth Be open to new idea's, creative methods, technology and techniques

Current Clients

IPE supports a range of Industries from automotive to mining to food to entertainment and so on. Here are just a few examples of the variety of Clients IPE provides works for.

Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing Australia

Our manufacturing facility is located in Factory 1, Campbellfield, Melbourne Australia. We range between 10 and 25 staff based on works required.

We have recently introduced lean processing to improve our fabrication processes and reduce manufacture cost.

Manufacturing / Assembly China

Our offshore branch is located in Ningbo China. We have built a fantastic relationship with our overseas members to ensure quality is never compromised and delivery timing is fast and reliable.

Assembly Facility

Assembly Australia

Our Assembly facility is located in Factory 2, Campbellfield, Melbourne Australia.

This space allows for a clean assembly of product or a clear space for prototyping and trialling.

IPE utilises lean manufacturing technique to process build large quantities of product starting from sub assembly processes and continues through to packaging.

Design studio

Our design studio is located in Factory 1, Campbellfield, Melbourne Australia. We currently employ 4 full time designers and contract in excess of 8 based on work requirements.

Our design capabilities have been one of the key driving forces behind IPE's growth. By both practising manufacturing and developing equipment we understand and design with all aspects included.

For example (and often missed) providing easy maintenance access to the equipment and utilising standard replaceable parts that the client can access quickly. This form of 'design thinking way' promotes not only initial results but long term results as well.

Brief History

Company Origin Originally named 'techtooling' or Technical tooling, IPE was founded over 20 years ago during the automotive manufacturing boom. At that time the company specialised in precision tooling that ranged from small high accuracy parts to large die castings and precision welding nests.
Equipment Development With a strong background developed in accurate high quality tooling, IPE was in a prime position to expand into equipment development. Complimenting this the team had been exposed to years of maintenance support and servicing activities that highlighted improvement areas in multiple forms of equipment. This experience and exposure became the basis for IPE designing at a higher level than its competitors.
Multiple Industries / Local + International Realising that the services being offered could support multiple industries the company found itself branching into new area's such as the food, mining, defence, transport and construction industries while continuing to support the automotive industry. Today IPE supports not only a local but global market as well.
Project / Manufacturing IPE's experience in equipment development led the way to process designing (production and material handling) and eventually small scale manufacturing. This allows our clients to confidently order quantity builds knowing that our processes to maintain quality and ensure our deadlines are already in place.

"At IPE we like to think of ourselves as problem solvers. You have an idea and we help bring that idea to life using our vast range of knowledge in all areas of manufacturing and design."

Patrick Infantino IPE Director

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With over 20 years experience in Innovative Precision Engineering, servicing our domestic and international customers, please feel free to contact us for all your engineering needs.